New Airline to Compete with Qantas, Virgin on Australia’s east coast

Rex Airlines said it will launch Sydney – Melbourne, Brisbane flights and compete with Qantas and Virgin.

Rex Airlines told investors that it would seek to raise A$30 million to launch services up and down the eastern seaboard.

The Airline is looking to buy a fleet of up to 10 jets to be based in Sydney and Melbourne.

The plan is to launch the new service around March 1, 2021, pending funding and regulatory approval, the airline said in a statement.

“Rex’s domestic operations will be priced at affordable levels but will also include baggage allowance, meals on board and pre-assigned seating,” Rex’s Deputy Chairman, John Sharp, said,

Booking channels will include both Rex direct and Global Distribution Systems (GDS). Lounge membership will be available for subscription.

“It will be a hybrid model that Rex has so successfully pioneered over the last two decades for its regional operations.” The Deputy Chairman said.

Rex would seek to lease lease ten Boeing 737s or A320s (potentially from Virgin) to operate the routes.

Existing Rex Airline Routes

Regional Express (Rex) is Australia’s largest independent regional airline operating a fleet of 60 Saab 340 aircraft (pre-COVID) on some 1,500 weekly flights to 60 destinations throughout all states in Australia.

In addition to the regional airline Rex, the Rex Group comprises wholly owned subsidiaries Pel-Air Aviation (air freight, aeromedical and charter operator) and the two pilot academies Australian Airline Pilot Academy in Wagga Wagga
and Ballarat.

Shares in the airline surged 17% on the news.

Rex Airline aircraft on the tarmac in Adelaide.