Breaking News: A passenger on the Ruby Princess ship, a cruise liner that pulled into Sydney Harbour last Thursday, has died.

At least 107 people who were on the ship are confirmed to have Covid-19 in NSW, with another 26 now in other parts of Australia.

A women in her 70s who was on the cruise has since passed away.

2,700 people on the cruise were allowed to leave the Ruby Princess when it docked in Sydney on March 19th.

All of the passengers and crew except for 3 or 4 sick people ended up entering the Australian community.

Many of the Covid-19 patients who were on the Ruby Princess got onto public transport and commercial airlines and spread the Coronavirus around the nation.

Another ship, Ovation of the Seas, which docked in Sydneh on March 18, is responsible for at least 13 cases in Sydney and NSW.

There are 818 Covid-19 cases in New South Wales now, a huge jump.

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