Channel 7 TV host Samantha Armytage has been trending on Twitter today after an old video surfaced on the social media platform, shared by well known US media personalities.

The video from a broadcast of Sunrise in 2015, the TV show host introduces a segment featuring Lucy and Maria Aylmer – non-identical twin sisters with different skin colors.

Maria was born with her Jamaican mum’s brown skin, While Lucy inherited the fair skin of her father.

In the video, Samantha Armytage has introduced the twins, who were then aged 18.

Armytage, reading off a teleprompter, appears to ad lib part of the intro, saying “Good on her!” and gesturing to her own arm when describing Lucy fair skin.

Co-host David Koch reacts non-verbally however doesn’t say anything. It’s not clear if the interview subjects said anything after the intro.

At the time, Sam Armytage was forced to apologise for the comments.

The video has resurfaced at the weekend with a number of US personalities sharing the video on Twitter.

The video has over 4 million views.

Former CNN TV broadcaster Soledad O’Brian shared the video to her 1.2 million followers on Saturday US time. A number of other major Twitter accounts run by US media personalities also shared the video.

A number of international media outlets have also since reported on the 2015 in news stories today.

More updates soon.

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