Breaking: Two large objects orbiting Earth could smash together somewhere over the east coast of Australia or New Zealand, it’s been warned.

Research agencies tracking space debris threats and the orbits of human space junk said two “defunct objects in LEO (lower Earth orbit)” could possibly collide somewhere over the Tasman Sea.

Leo Labs Space, an organisation tracking space debris and collision prevention services for space agencies and governments, said the objects could collide somewhere in the southern hemisphere – with a likely tracking location over New Zealand or towards eastern Australia.

There was a probability between 1% and 20% for such an event taking place at an altitude of 991km above Earth.

The combined mass of the two objects are 2,800kgs.

The collision could took place anytime and the team are closely monitoring both objects over the next 48 hours..

Ed Lu, an American physicist and former NASA astronaut, said that “this is a potentially serious event. It is between 2 large objects at high altitude… if there is a collision there will be lots of debris which will remain in orbit for a long time.”

More to come.

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