Sydney baboons Incident

There are reports of Sydney baboon incident.

2GB radio was they had callers claiming to have seen baboons on the lose near Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney.

Caller to Sydney radio – Baboons on the lose in the inner west of Sydney

Police have confirmed that there are primates on the lose.

Police have confirmed to Sky News T.V that they’re on the scene at Sydney’s RPA hospital, where baboons have escaped the facility.

Baboons are kept at some hospitals in Sydney for medical experiments.

A Sydney Morning Herald story in 2016 reported that a number of medical facilities had used Baboons for scientific research.

A spokeswoman from the Sydney Local Health District responsible for Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, which oversees the baboon colony and also conducts experiments, said at the time: “The colony has helped medical researchers conduct important research which has contributed significantly to paving the way for new treatments of disorders such as pre-eclampsia, complicated diabetes, kidney disorders and vascular diseases.”

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Breaking: Reports of Baboons seen on the lose in Sydney

Posted by Sydney News on Monday, February 24, 2020

We’ll update when more information comes to hand.