Sydney bats: Attacks on people reported.

There are warnings that bats could attack and even kill people in Sydney if they’re bitten and catch a disease similar to rabies.

Sydney bats

Authorities are warning people across Sydney and NSW to be aware of bat attacks.

Soaring temperatures are causing bats to become aggressive, public health officials said.

Bats are likely to scratch and bite people and pets, with at least 8 attacks on humans reported in recent days.

More attacks have been reported in northern NSW towns.

A number of attacks were from bats carrying a virus similar to rabies.

Two of the bats submitted for testing have actually had lyssavirus infection, so it is a real concern for us and for those people who have been exposed, ABC NSW reported.

“A few of these were bat carers but there were a number of members of the public, and they are the people we are really concerned about because they haven’t been vaccinated.

“They are unprotected and they don’t know how to use personal protection equipment safely,” Public health physician David Durrheim told the local news.

Sydney Bat attacks typically happen when people approach injured bats.

“Hot weather has resulted in some bats suffering ill health and getting caught in wires or other strange places, and people trying to assist them have unfortunately got scratched or bitten,” Dr Durrheim said.

Sydney Bats: The virus could be deadly

The clinical symptoms are almost just as awful as rabies, and once the disease starts it can’t really be effectively treated, and almost everyone dies,” Dr Durrheim said.

People are warned to stay away from bats and to not approach injured bats. Experts must be called in to handle any injured bats or flying foxes. is one organisation who could be contacted.

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