Sydney is officially the city of privileged, wealthy elites and this sign proves it.

A local Sydney council has demanded groups of people, specially children, using a beach surrounded by massive mansions keep the noise down.

The move is yet another example of the over regulation and joy-killing of local and State governments in New South Wales, led by wealthy property owners.

Sydney Beach goers told to be quite: massive sign to mitigate complaints by privileged multi-millionaires.

Despite the public beach being open for all of society to enjoy, the locals perched in their mansions are apparently upset beach visitors, including children playing, were making too much noise for their liking.

“While playing here please be mindful of excessive noise,” the sign read, a clear indication we’re talking about plying children and their families.

“(The noise is) disruptive to residents nearby,” the sign, erected by Northern Beaches Council reads.

“Thank you for making this park enjoyable for all.”

Images of the sign were circulated on social media today.

The kill joys are just one example of Sydney’a crazy regulations designed to appease the elite, ultra-privileged Sydneysiders, to the detriment of everyone else.

The impact is resulting in a mass exodus of middle class workers and families in recent years, feeling the city’s highly restricting red tape, high expenses and insane property prices, requiring massive mortgage stress for young people.

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows hundreds of thousands of Sydney families have fled the city for regional NSW, SE Queensland and Victoria. While overseas migrants continue to help the overall Sydney population grow.

Local “lockout laws” have also killed off Sydney’s once thriving nightlife, with dozens of venues closing and visitation to the city in decline.

Heavy regulation of bars, restaurants and pubs have also created an atmosphere of intimidation and aggressive behaviour.

Sydney entertainment venues face steep fines even if one local resident complains about noise.

The city is clearly going backwards, with a recent survey of Sydney locals declaring Sydney as the 10th worst city in the western world.

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