Breaking: A large protest is underway in the Sydney CBD.

Protestors are walking through the streets of the Sydney CBD tonight to draw attention to local issues around racism and support American activities and protestors.

Several hundred people with signs referring to the Black Lives Matter movement in the US and also carrying Aboriginal flags gathered outside NSW Parliament.

The crowd then moved to Martin Place where hundreds crammed together, ignoring social distancing rules to reduce possible covid spread.

A diverse crowd of protestors will solidarity with Black Lives Matter protestors in the US and also to bring attention to the plight of Australian minorities, especially Aboriginal people who are incarcerated at much high rates compared to the overall population.

Earlier today protestors were violently cleared away from the White House so President Trump could pose for a photo opportunity outside a Church.

In that incident a Sydney 7 News crew were assaulted by police as they filmed live for Australian morning TV.

Ten News Sydney: Protest in CBD