Breaking: Bushfire season has arrived again, with homes in Sydney’s west under threat and TV news images showing homes on fire.

Hot conditions have been experienced all day and now winds have picked up, creating a dangerous situation.

Homes near bush land in Sydney appear to be on fire.


Firefighters are busy here. In the area of Northmead, 25km west of the Sydney CBD, homes are threatened by flames close to homes.

Families have been evacuated and many fire engines are on scene defending homes. Choppers and water bombers are also coming in to assist.

Footage from news choppers showed at least one house on fire with fire fighters trying to save it.

bushfire threat to Sydney homes

Homebush Fires

Grass fires have started around the Homebush district of Sydney, report said.

Fire crews had been racing to the scene as winds keep the fires hard to control.

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