Breaking News: Sydney has recorded 10 new delta strain cases in the latest outbreak.

People across the Sydney metropolitan area will need to wear a mask. This measure will be in place for at least another week.

The total case count is at 21, after an airport air crew driver tested positive last week.

The June 2021 outbreak is now a super spreader event with close contacts and “fleeting contacts” of persons contracting the virus.

CCTV shows people with just a few seconds of close contact spreading the virus.

Two people managed to get the delta strain by simply passing the main case in Myer at Bondi Junction.

Another woman in her 70s caught it while sitting outdoors in a cafe.

A woman in her 20s also got the virus this way at Westfield Bondi Junction.

The outbreak includes a number of close contacts of people, including household contacts.

People in the area of Bondi Junction Westfield from 12 to 18 June are asked to get tested.

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