Sydney International Airline Crew, who are told to stay in hotel quarantine before flying in and out of Sydney, have broken the rules.

NSW Health has issued a statement saying a number of international airline crew left their hotel quarters in Mascot, near Sydney Airport, in early December.

13 airline crew have been given “Penalty Infringement Notices” after they failed to comply with self-isolation directions.

NSW Police received information that airline crew member who had arrived in Sydney on December 5th broke the rules.

The airline crew members arrived from South America on that date.

It’s alleged 13 members of crew left their hotel and attended a nearby business at Mascot.

$1,000 in fines to 13 crew were issued.

Eearlier this week it was reported that the NSW government wanted to restrict the movement of all international crew arrivals.

The NSW Government has slashed the number of hotels where international aircrew can stay in Sydney.

Premier Gladys Berejiklian said airline staff left quarantine to visit several Sydney venues in a breach of rules “a few weeks ago”.