Breaking: The New South Wales government is in emergency talks on how to handle the latest outbreaks in Sydney.

At the weekend, the Premier warned the public that moves to shut down parts of Sydney could soon be on the way.

Sources told The Australian newspaper that a cabinet meeting Monday afternoon was being held. Senior Ministers were debating scenarios on increase restrictions on hospitality venues.

“The NSW Government is considering a tightening of restrictions for pubs and hotels – it’s currently being discussed in the cabinet room,” Journalist Yoni Bashan said.

The rapidly changing situation came as a cluster of cases grew from the Crossroads Hotel in SW Sydney.

So far 21 cases are linked to the cluster there.

Hundreds of people there may have been exposed in early July and confirmed cases had been in many other entertainment venues since, including the Star Casino.

Star Casino has also been fined $5000 for breaching COVID-19 restrictions after patrons were observed “standing and mingling between groups while consuming alcohol” on Saturday night.