Breaking: Sydney’s lockdown is still not working, with more cases in the community.

Many of those were active in the community and visiting friends and relatives when infected.

At least 44 people tested positive today, triggering a new wave of restrictions on movement.

Of today’s 44 cases:

  • 35 are linked to known cases
  • 10 are close contacts
  • 25 are household contacts

“This fact reemphasises that it is your closest friends and relatives who you will put at risk if you visit them,” Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said.

The lockdown is also very likely to be extended a third time in NSW.

The number of people considered to be close contacts has doubled.

There are 14,000 people who are considered a close contact in NSW today, compared to 7,000 yesterday.

NSW CHO Dr Kerry Chant has urged Sydneysiders to ask themselves the following questions each time they step outside the outside:

  • Can you do it online?
  • Can you do click and collect?
  • Can you make sure you stay at the place you are going for the shortest period of time?