Breaking: There are reports of a large, bright meteor seen over Sydney and up and down the New South Wales coast.

The meteor or space junk was seen moving from east to west.

People took to Twitter, Facebook and Reddit to report seeing a bright fireball over the city around 9.30pm Saturday 16 January 2021.

“Seen about 10 mins ago (9:30pm) over Marrickville. It was a bright orange-yellow, streaked across the sky for a solid few seconds, definitely looked like something burning up.

I’ve seen plenty of shooting stars, this felt different. Anyone else catch it?” one person on Reddit wrote.

Dozens of others reported seeing it.

“Saw it in the central coast! Got a few flashes of light and then it streaked across.. never seen anything like that before,” another wrote.

Facebook user: anyone see meteor when the camera shaking from strong wind? SW Sydney around 11:00pm looks pretty cool (source)