Breaking: From June 13 gyms and dance studios in NSW will be allowed to re-open as the local economy begins to open up.

Indoor pools, tattoo parlours, massage parlours and other indoor recreation venues will be allowed to fully reopen.

Kids and community sports will be allowed to take place as well.

There will be guidelines that will need to be adhered to that will be outlined soon.

For example, fitness facilities will be allowed to reopen with up to 10 people per class and 100 people in an indoor venue.

Tattoo and massage parlours will be allowed to reopen with up to 10 clients.

Gyms and recreation centres will need to follow strict rules around physical distancing and hygiene.

The new lockdown lifting changes were announced by the NSW Premier and Health minister.

There were 6 new cases in NSW recorded today, all were people in hotel quarantine and had recently arrived from Overseas.