The Chief Health Officer for New South Wales, Dr Kerry Chant, believes the Coronavirus is nearly defeated in Sydney and New South Wales.

According to The Australian, Dr Chant has briefed local MPs in Sydney overnight, where she suggested the pandemic was nearly defeated in the state.

Chants also said a second wave was unlikely with only spikes in cases related to overseas travel.

Social distancing, hygiene and stopping cases at the boarder meant NSW and Australia was defeating the virus.

“We have a relatively small group of people that have identified as having the virus,” Dr Chant told the MPs in Sydney.

One MP told The Australian: “What she expected was that we would have spikes rather than another wave. She was suggesting that because we have such a low level of community transmission at the moment, she was saying if we can keep it less than that, even if there are spikes, we won’t have another wave.”

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