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Sydney Public Transport Shame

An image, appearing to show an elderly women standing in the middle of a train while other has gone viral.

In the photo, young looking passengers sit in designated priority seats as the elderly woman leans on a carriage pole.

The uncredited image has been circulated online heavily in the last 48 hours. One page post on a Facebook has so far been shares 13,000 times, reaching millions of people.

The image, circulated by both users of Twitter and Facebook, has generated outrage and debate on public transport etiquette and generational values.

Facebook pages shared the image

However, many were quick to point out the image may have been taken out of context.

Some of the most popular comments suggested we shouldn’t rush to judge.

“So quick to judge, but no one knows the story behind the picture. A whole train full of people and not one person offered a seat. Unlikely. Way to go to the person who took this picture just to incite hatred of the younger generations,” a Facebook commenter wrote.

While others suggested “younger generations” were lacking awareness and common decency when it came to acknowledging elders in the community.

“Get off your phones and be considerate to the elderly and those less able than yourself. Have a conversation you never know what you may learn,” one person suggests.

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