Breaking: Thousands of people across Sydney are celebrating with cheers and laughter as rain falls across the city.

Across the world, people of all faiths had been praying for rain, as dramatic images of the bushfire disaster played our across TV and social media.

In the last few days, high winds and record breaking weather had impacted many parts of Australia, devastating communities and wildlife.

Tonight the prayers of millions were answered.

Light to medium rainfall was felt across New South Wales, where massive bushfires had swept through major regional areas, particularly south and west of Sydney.

At high-density Bondi Beach in the eastern suburbs, people cheered mid-evening from balconies, as rain fell in the area.

Video: People cheer as rain falls in Bondi

Sydney has been covered in thick bushfire smoke for much of the past 2-months, as fires rage in the Blue Mountains to the west of Sydney and regions north and south.

At the start of 2020, the city recorded its highest temperature ever in the suburb of Penrith reaching 49C.

Other parts of Australia celebrated as well. The rain reached regional areas of southeastern Australia earlier in the day.

Unfortunately, the rain may still not be substantial enough to end the bushfire crisis. The rural fire service is projecting ongoing bushfire emergencies for parts of the state to continue. However for now, the reprieve is most welcome.

The sooty rainfall is mixed with ash and bushfire particles in the atmosphere, creating an odd mix of fresh rainfall with bushfire ash. The city, covered in dust and bushfire ash, is experiencing a much needed wash.

The rain also seems interact with particles of bushfire smoke on the ground, generating an odd smell.

The rain is likely to stick around for a few days and may become heavier.

A tropic cyclone to the north-west of Australia set to create more moisture over much of the continent.

Breaking: A tropical cyclone has formed off the northwest of Australia and could bring rains to large parts of the…

Posted by Sydney News on Sunday, January 5, 2020

However, authorities are warning that the bushfire threat is not over, with expectations the weather will again turn hot and dry by the end of the week.

28-people have died in the weeks long bushfire crisis. Thousands of homes, businesses and public buildings have been lost. Hundreds of millions of animals have also perished. Huge plumes of smoke have covered the Pacific Ocean. You can donate to the bushfire appeals here.

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