Sydney roads will be opened up for pedestrians and cyclists.

The NSW government will push to open roads to people and encourage local councils to create cycle and pedestrian friendly zones.

The NSW planning minister said the move comes after the way people were squeezed during the lockdown, with people heading out to workout en mass.

Many areas of Sydney are pathed with narrow pathways, while cars and roads are given significant space.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased the demand for more public spaces – and easy, safe access to it,” Planning and Public Spaces Minister Rob Stokes said.

“Our future precincts, parks and public spaces need to be designed to enable better social distancing, with wider footpaths, segregated cycleways and more linear parks, to meet the increased demand for these precious public spaces.”

A $15 million fund will be set up to make Sydney more pedestrian friendly. The fund will help widening footpaths and creating cycle lanes, and up to $1 million for longer term projects such as extra crossing points and trialling lower speed limits.

In Sydney City, a car-free zone on George Street is being extended from Bathurst and Campbell streets, and then further south to Rawson Place in Haymarket.

Footpaths will be widened and more trees planted.

The temporary closure in the southbound direction from Bathurst to Campbell streets will be made permanent.

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