Breaking: Theres an outbreak of covid cases in Sydney’s eastern suburbs today, with two private schools evacuating after children tested positive.

Both schools are just 2km from each other in the eastern suburbs.

Parents were today told to pick up their children from Moriah College, in Queens Park, and Waverley College after at least two seperate infections were confirmed.

A Waverley College spokesperson said the campus had been “almost completely evacuated” this afternoon.

Staff “immediately activated our critical response to get the boys home quickly and safely”, the school said in a statement.

The NSW Premier had told students to go back to school from this week.

Previously it had been declared safe for schools to reopen.

“The health advice is very clear: a return to full-time face-to-face teaching is safe,” Premier Berejiklian said last week.

Sydney’s eastern suburbs experienced an outbreak of coronavirus earlier this year, with the local government areas of Waverley and Woollahra considered “hot spots”.

The State Government created a drive-through coronavirus testing clinic and a walk-in clinic opposite Bondi Beach, in collaboration with St Vincent’s Hospital.

Waverley College has a senior campus, which accommodates 1,100 students, and a junior campus, which has 290 students.

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