Sydney Smoke Haze.

Air quality in the greater Sydney metro area is poor and getting worse, with smoke haze from planned bush burn offs drifting over the city.

Sydney authorities are warning people to try and stay indoors, especially those with breathing difficulties, children and the elderly.

The Bureau of Meteorology New South Wales days the smoke has settled in for the day.

“A high pressure system is trapping the smoke in the lower layers of the atmosphere, so this smoke could hang around for most of the day, particularly in the west,” the BOM said.

Air quality warning:

OEH has just dropped Air Quality levels to poor for Sydney & a number of other areas.  While the inversion layer that’s trapping the smoke is starting to break up, light winds mean it may be serveral hours before it properly clears.

The NSW Rural Fire service said the controlled burn offs would continue.

The air quality in parts of Sydney were currently listed as “unhealthy” – meaning Sydney’s air pollution was currently at levels seen in cities like Beijing.

Campbelltown in the South West was in a particularly bad way in terms of air quality.

Campbelltown air quality worse than some parts of Beijing

Air quality measurements data in real time showed the south west of Sydney was suffering significantly.

Image: Air quality in greater Beijing

Southwest Sydney matching Beijing air quality readings.

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