Police incident in Sydney CBD

There are reports of a man armed with a knife running around the Sydney CBD at random stabbing people.

7 News Sydney aired footage of police and bystanders chasing the man and pinning him with a milk crate.

Reports said the man had tried to stab people with a large knife. He is now in police custody.

Dramatic footage is airing of the incident on 7 news TV.

Footage showed the man jumping on a Mercedes Benz as brave bystanders attempt to corner the man, while others flee.

Police have closed roads on King Street, between Clarence and York Street.

Major police operations and ambulances are on scene.

One man on Twitter said. “A random dude just started stabbing people in the city.”

“I saw people running so I can towards him with a few other guys.”

“He ran back to near my work where a lot of others had cornered him for police.”

Video: Sydney city

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