Breaking: Over 6 million people will lock down in greater Sydney and surrounds for the next 2-weeks to July 9th at least.

The lockdown includes all of Greater Sydney, Central Coast, Blue Mountains and Wollongong.

The Premier has announced a massive lockdown for greater Sydney, with people only allowed to leave their homes if they have to – for medical attention, vaccination, food and goods as well as time to workout.

There were many cases across Sydney outside of the eastern suburbs, which led to the NSW government making the call.

“(Many) people have been infectious in the community for a number of days,” the NSW CHO said.

What you can and can’t do:

People will be told to stay home as much as possible until July 9th.

The strict stay at home orders allow only four reasons for leaving the home:

  • work or education
  • medical attention, including getting a COVID test or vaccine
  • care and compassionate grounds
  • purchasing essential goods and services

“We need these measures in place in order to get this outbreak under control,” NSW CHO Kerry Chant said.

“We are aiming to get to no community transmission,” she said.

This is the biggest lockdown of the pandemic, except for the early weeks when the entire nation locked down at the same time.

People from elsewhere in NSW in those regions must return home and isolate for 2 weeks.

“If you are from regional NSW currency in the lockdown areas, you have to make way home, but you have to isolate for 14-days.”

LIVE: Most of NSW to lockdown for 2-weeks from today