Sydney Swans thrilling win over Melbournes Essendon Bombers has been marred in controversy, when a swans player climbed the goal posts.

Sydney Swan co-captain Dane Rampe jumped onto the goal posts as Essendon attempted to kick a goal after the final siren in an attempt to win the game.

Video: Dan Rampe goal spot shenanigans

The act was caught on camera by channel 7 sports and was widely condemned on social media and in sports media.

Although the act of manipulating the goal posts is an illegal act in the rules of AFL, the Swan has gotten away with the brain explosion after umpires decided not to punish the “spiderman” antics at the SCG.

The crazy act could have resulted in the Essendon side after the siren victory, with players usually compelling umpires to award a 50-metre penalty for such an act.

However, the kick from over 50-meters away was the last act of the game, saving the Sydney Swans and delighting the crowd as the kick fell short.

The Swans won by 5-points in front of a crowd of 28,000 and a national TV audience of over 1-million people.

A field umpire was heard running toward Rampe and yelling for him to get down.

Umpire Andre Gianfagna was seen on replays yelling “Down, Down” at Rampe.

The goal posts were still swinging with Rampe on the ground and the shot on goal incoming.

Meanwhile, Rampe, a New South Welshman who was named in the NSW AFL team of the Century this week, was caught on microphones telling a field umpire he “sounded like a little girl.”

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