The Black Tape Project Sydney – New Club Craze Coming

The Black Tape Project Sydney

The Black Tape Project is turning heads across the world and the trend is set to come to Sydney, SydneyNews.Sydney understands.

The Black Tape Project was started by a designer named Joel Alvarez from Miami, Florida.

The scenes of models wearing nothing but black tape is basically a genius promotion effort by Alvarez, who describes the initiative as “artistic flare” for nightclubs and promotional nights.

The Black Tape Project Instagram account has become a huge hit in recent times. We’ve kindly shares some of the work in this article.

‘Embodying the character of Miami’s nightlife culture, The Black Tape Project incorporates one of the most common household items, coalesced with Joel’s artistic flare and the natural beauty of the human body,” Joel Alvarez said.

Instagram Image: Joel Alvarez working hard.

The Black Tape Project brand has exploded and picked up by News media in the UK and US. The Black Tape Project Sydney launch could come later in 2017, with the tape only fashion craze or stunt taken to Europe, North America and the Caribbean in recent months.

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Video: The Black Tape Project offical

Claudia Sampedro Black Tape Project Animality Evolution from Venge Media on Vimeo.

The Project website

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