Three sisters bushfire

A blaze burning near the three sisters. Image Credit.

A fire in the Blue Mountains is part of a wider system of bushfires threatening populated areas and producing thick smoke haze for the Sydney basin.

A spectacular and disturbing sight at Katoomba as fires burn across fast valleys and up steep cliffs in the Blue Mountains region.

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Three Sisters Fire : There is a major blaze in Katoomba tonight.

There’s a significant blaze near Katoomba in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney tonight.

Three Sisters Fire

Josh McKinnon shared these extraordinary images on Twitter this evening, showing a glowing blaze tearing through the famous Three Sisters area.

The extraordinary Three Sisters Fire images have been shared across social media. The Katoomba region is a popular tourist destination, with millions of visitors every year.

The bushfires across NSW have been completely devastating and it’s only the beginning of Summer. The scenes tonight demonstrate just a about every region of NSW has been impacted by fire already.

Thankfully, the NSWRFS said there was no threat to homes. Although crews were working around the clock to contain the Katoomba fire threat.

Video showed the fires burning up and down steep escarpments across the Blue Mountains, burning old bush land untouched for years previously.

Meanwhile, parts of South West Sydney are being told to brace for a fire moving eastward rapidly. Monday could be a dangerous day with a massive blaze yet to be contained.

There is a public health warning current for Sydney due to major fire smoke 

Fire in SW Region of Sydbey

A fire is dangerously moving toward areas just south west of a Sydney, with suburbs near major bush land potentially under threat.

NSW RFS is monitoring a large fire moving toward the eastern that may impact suburbs on the outskirts of Sydney’s south west.

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