Vivid Sydney is launching and part of the spectacle included extraordinary glowing puppets and giant robots.

A giant glowing girl was seen by the Harbour tonight as people were dazzled to the opening test of the displays, before the official opening tomorrow.

A giant robot could be seen over at Barangaroo with the Robot Spaceland installation set to be mega popular.

The 23-day Vivid Festival takes over much of Sydney with installations and events right across the metro area.

The festival isn’t just lights, there’s loads of concerts, art works, performances, lectures, scientific experiments and more.

You should see the full program at VividSydney

Robot Spaceland (above)

As we enter an age of renewably-powered, driverless automobiles, the question arises: what do we do with the estimated 1.5 billion cars in the world today?

Vivid Kicks off

Imagine a not-too-distant future where a new civilisation rises from our post-industrial debris. Over at Cockle Bay, mind-boggling electro-automotive super-bots have been sent to sow the seeds of a brighter, greener tomorrow.

Epic in scale, Robot SPACELand takes over Darling Harbour. Its centrepiece is a 16m tall mechatronic unit called Ecobot whose primary purpose is to save Earth from extinction and advance a sustainable existence. After assembling itself from crushed cars, Ecobot continues its endless duties crushing and processing old vehicles to extract precious metals and form the building blocks of a new society.

Under Ecobot’s leadership is a band of sentient robots busy repurposing recycled cars and industrial junk into Tree 1.0 to generate alternative landscapes of organic beauty from the wasteland.

Vivid Sydney from the Sydney CBD

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