Sydney’s main water source, Warragamba Dam, is now overflowing.

There are concerns that the overflowing dam will cause severe flooding across the Sydney region and begin impacting suburbs in the west soon.

Water began cascading over the dam wall about 4.00pm on Saturday.

Now people are begin told to brace for flooding in towns and suburbs in the greater Sydney region.

There are now warnings in place for major flooding across western Sydney, with areas around Penrith, North Richmond, Wallacia and Sackville of particular concern.

The State Emergency Service has carried out more than 500 rescues, and responded to more than 4,000 calls for assistance as of Saturday afternoon.

(You can find out about warnings in your areas from the NSW SES).

The eastern part of NSW has been experiencing record rains for days and now with rivers overflowing, many areas are set to flood.

a house floats away in today’s flooding

Evacuation Orders

An evacuation order was issued for Picton, about 40km away from the dam, just over an hour after it started overflowing. Other areas are set to be evacuated soon.

A spokesperson from WaterNSW said other dams near Sydney were also set to overflow, including Nepean, Cataract, Cordeaux and Avon dams.

“WaterNSW has established a dedicated 24-hour incident management team that is working closely with the Bureau and the NSW State Emergency Service to monitor weather and inflows to dams,” they said.

“WaterNSW will continue to work closely with Sydney Water and NSW Health throughout the rain event, to watch for potential water quality impacts on untreated supply.”

“It’s a very dynamic and evolving flood situation and we could see some very deep and rapid responding rivers with very high levels,” the State Emergency Service said.

Heavy Rainfall for Days

Sydney and the majority of the population of NSW is being warned of days of poor weather, including major flooding for rivers.

People told to stay up to date with alerts.

Heavy rainfall – clouds seen from weather satellites

Updates to come soon