Workers at a Balmain Woolworths store are now under quarantine after a staff member tested positive.

Over 50 people are under home quarantine after their colleague, who had been in Melbourne, tested positive.

The man had reportedly been in hotel quarantine in Melbourne before returning to New South Wales.

NSW Health Minister Hazzard said the man had been tested on day four of quarantine, but “the facts are a little uncertain as to the circumstances” about further screening at the hotel at this stage.

It’s known that the man went to work at Woolworths in Balmain, on Darling Street, in the city’s inner-west.

Woolworths management there then asked the man to get another test and he tested positive.

Mr Hazzard said people in the area should be on “high alert”.

More updates soon.

Screening at the NSW/Vic Border

The NSW government is screening people arriving from Melbourne at the border. People coming by road, train and plane are being screened to ensure people are not coming from Melbourne hotspots.