Breaking News: A cargo flight from Wuhan, China believed to be headed to Sydney airport is now in Australian airspace.

The Wuhan Sydney flight is the first of its kind since the pandemic began.

Flight Y87447 over Australian airspace

The Boeing 747, owned by Suparna freight arrives in Sydney at 9pm local time.

The aircraft will arrive and unload cargo at Sydney’s freight terminal.

According to 7News, the crew will be free to disembark.

The pilots crew are exempted from Australia’s mandatory 14-day quarantine laws.

Wuhan is where the current Covid-19 pandemic began with thousands of dead in the region. Only today did the Chinese government allow people the leave.

It’s not known what cargo the aircraft is brining to Sydney.

Australia has banned all overseas travel to and from the nation except for cargo flights.

Anyone coming to Australia from overseas must undergo 14-days is mandatory isolation.